White jon white corner
Sept. swap with Anne.
Green Art Deco.
Anne's March swap
White on white frame
Adams card
Easter card
Red and white striped
Easter card 1
Blue and white shaped
Green ribbon
Violets card.
Black and white.
July challenge at crafters.
Stitched card for Anne
Easter chick
Easter chick
Bens card
Bens card
Ashleys card
Ashleys card
Red black and white garland
Peters card.
Orange and blue garland
Turtle card.
Annies fathers 100th birthday
Oval blue
Oval blue
Red and white.
Red and white.
Angies baby flower.
Kays card.
Bingo lady.
White and green.
Blue symnpathy
October challenge with Anne.
Purple spotted.
Stitched FSS
Purple and silver.
Blue and white chicken wire
Silver and white.
Pink spellbinders
White spellbinder
Black and white butterfly
Black and white Faux stitching.
Oriental rocker.
Christmas card green.
Marian's card.
Marian's christmas card.
Trish A
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